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INNOVACERA® Machinable Ceramic Rod Ø 100 x 100 mm


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INNOVACERA® Machinable Glass Ceramic Rod Diameter 100 x 100 mm, custom length is available. White in color.

Item Unit Standard Value Test Condition
Density g/cm2 2.5~2.8 4°C Archimedes
Porosity ≤0.08
Water absorption ≤0.04 ASTMC-373
Volume Resistivity Ω·cm ≥1014 25°C ASTMD-657
≥107 500°C
Magnetic susceptibility ≤1.2×10-6 25°C 10kHz
Dielectric constant 6~7 ASTMD-150
Dielectric strength AC or DC  




Thermal expansion in/in·°C ≤94×10-7 Keep in 400°C
≤123×10-7 Keep in 800°C
Thermal conductivity W/m·K ≥1.7 25°C GJB1201
Continuous operating temperature  




Maximum using temperature  




Flexural strength MPa ≥108 GB6569-86
Compressive strength MPa ≥491 GB8489-93
Impact toughness KJ/m2 ≥2.45 GB/T14389-93
Modulus of rupture bf/in2 15000 25°C ASTMC-158
Knoop hardness KN/mm2 1.76~3.43 25°C,100g GJB56A-95
Acid proof mg/m2 87 5% HCl, 24h, 95°C
HF Proof mg/m2 5% HF, 24h, 95°C
Alkali proof mg/m2 5% NaOH, 24h, 95°C

Used environments:

MGC Machinable Glass Ceramic has a continuous use temperature of 800°C. Its coefficient of thermal expansion readily matches most metals and sealing glasses. It is nonwetting, exhibits zero porosity, and unlike ductile materials, won’t deform. It is an excellent insulator at high voltages, various frequencies and high temperatures. And when properly baked out, it won’t outgas in vacuum environments.


MGC Machining tolerances are surprisingly tight, up to .0005″. It can be machined to a surface finish of less than 20?in. and polished to a smoothness of 0.5µ. Configurations are limited only by available equipment and the experience of the machinist.

Sealing, Joining and Metalizing

MGC can also be joined or sealed – both to itself and to other materials. – in a number of ways: metalized parts can be soldered together and brazing has proven an effective method of joining the material to various metals; epoxy produces a strong joint, and sealing glass creates a vacuum tight seal. Even a straightforward mechanical joint is possible. It can be thick film metalized using metal inks, or thin film metalized by sputtering.

Key Benefits

Is Machinable with ordinary metal working tools Withstands High Temperature, up to 800°C Holds Tight Tolerances, up to .0005″

Electrical or Thermal Insulator Structural Components Semiconductor Processing
Electrical and Opto-Electronic Equipment Many Other Uses


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