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INNOVACERA® G5 GPS High Precision Grade Si3N4 Ceramic Balls, Diameter 1.588-11.113mm

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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls are widely used on bearings with extreme performance requirements, such as: High-speed bearings, high precision bearings, vacuum bearing, high / low-temperature bearing, non-magnetic bearing, high precision ball screw; it is also used as valve ball, measuring ball for the chemical pump, heat pumps, metering pumps.

Its excellent properties including:
Good corrosion resistance withstands attacks from harsh chemicals and environments.

High-Temperature Hardness is twice that of steel, Silicon nitride ceramic balls retain their strength and hardness up to 1800 degrees F.Lightweight, silicon nitride ceramic balls’ density is 3.20g/cm3 and weighs 45% less than steel which reduces centrifugal force, skidding and wear under high speed and acceleration, so greatly extending the service life. Superior Surface Finish is conducive to improving working speed and reach higher accuracy.

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls Grade Table:

Grade  G5
Allowable Ball Diameter Variation  0.127um (0.000005”)
Deviation From Spherical Form  0.127um (0.000005”)
Surface Roughness Arithmetical Average  0.02um (0.0000008”)
Basic Diameter Tolerance  ±1.27um (±0.00005”)
Allowable Lot Diameter Variation  0.254um (0.00001”)

Additional information

Diameter (mm)

1.588, 2.000, 2.381, 3.175, 3.500, 3.969, 4.000, 4.763, 5.000, 5.159, 5.500, 5.556, 5.953, 6.350, 6.747, 7.144, 7.500, 7.938, 8.731, 9.525, 10.318, 11.113

Package includes

100 pcs, 50 pcs


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