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Conventional Switch Type Planar Ceramic Heater For Oxygen Sensor (MOQ: 50 PCS)

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Oxygen sensor for automobiles is the major sensor component in electronic fuel injection engine control system and is the key part to control automobile exhaust emission, reduce automobile pollution to the environment and improve fuel combustion quality of the automotive engine. The oxygen sensor is used in the feedback control system of the electronic control fuel injection device, to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas and the air-fuel ratio. It is also used to monitor theoretical air-fuel ratio (14.7:1) combustion in the engine, and to provide feedback signals to the computer.

Planar Oxygen Sensor Element Feature:

  • Quick ignition time
  • Good insulation performance
  • Strong resistance to high temperature and poisoning
  • Long lifetime
  • Pump current switch type, conventional switch type, air-fuel ration type, and wide range type are available

Conventional Switch Type Specification

Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Normal Temperature Resistance/Ω
BS 58.6±0.5 4.4±0.1 1.28±0.1 9.0±1.5
DE 54.0±0.5 4.4±0.1 1.28±0.1 9.0±1.5
DF 54.0±0.5 4.4±0.1 1.28±0.1 6.0±1.2
DG 54.0±0.5 4.4±0.1 1.28±0.1 13.0±1.5
XY 36.5±0.5 4.2±0.1 1.28±0.1 9.0±1.5
XF 36.0±0.5 4.4±0.1 1.28±0.1 3.0±0.5
MW 30.0±0.5 2.5±0.1 0.9±0.1 /
MX 27.0±0.5 2.5±0.1 0.9±0.1 17.0±3.0

Regular Conventional Switch Type Properties:

Heater Resistance 9Ω±1.5Ω
Operating Voltage 12V~14V
Exhaust Gas Temperature 350℃ 800℃
Fuel-rich voltage (λ=0.95~0.97) 800mV±65mV 700mV±65mV
Lean-Burn Voltage (λ=1.05~1.10) 50mV±30mV 50mV±30mV
Rich and Poor Response Time (600mV~300mV) ≤150ms ≤150ms
Poor and Rich Response Time (300mV~600mV) ≤100ms ≤100m
High Temperature Insulation Resistance @800℃,≥1 MΩ
Light-Off Time ≤12 s
Inductive resistance ≤500 Ω
Three-Point Bending Strength ≥400MPa

XF Pump Current Switch Type Properties:

Heater Resistance 3.0Ω±0.5Ω
Operating Voltage 7V~9V
Exhaust Gas Temperature 350℃ 800℃
Fuel-rich voltage (λ=0.95~0.97) 900mV±150mV 800mV±150mV
Lean-Burn Voltage (λ=1.05~1.10) 20mV~250mV 20mV~250mV
Rich and Poor Response Time (600mV~300mV) ≤150ms ≤150ms
Poor and Rich Response Time (300mV~600mV) ≤100ms ≤60ms
High Temperature Insulation Resistance @800℃,≥1 MΩ
Light-Off Time ≤12 s
Inductive resistance @780°C, 220Ω
Three-Point Bending Strength ≥400MPa

1. This information is for customer reference only. Innovacera has tried its best to ensure the accuracy of the information, but mistakes are inevitable, and the product and specifications, parameters may be changed due to product improvement, and the parameters and performance of each product are specifically involved. Please refer to the specifications and samples provided by Innovacera, Innovacera doesn’t notice again.
2. With regard to the application field, it is impossible for Innovacera to evaluate all the performance parameter requirements of the product in each specific application field, so the customer should choose the matching product according to the specific conditions of use, and the requirements are not clearly specified, please contact Innovacera for more technical support. Innovacera expressly states that the information in this information is for selection reference only, and the responsibility for product selection is solely the responsibility of the customer.

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