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Alumina Ceramic Glazed Ceramic Laser Reflector

Ceramic Reflector

Innovacera Ceramic laser reflectors are high reflectance cavities used in solid state and CO2 laser systems. It is made by high purity 99% porous alumina ceramic and sintered at
high temperatures to achieve a controlled porosity.

Our range of custom ceramic reflectors offer significant advantages and improvements
over those made with materials such as metal and polymer, it work particularly well in Ruby and Nd: YAG laser pumping chambers and used extensively for long-life laser reflectors.

Ceramic reflectors can be glazed both inside the cavity and around the outer edges using a highly reflective glaze that seals the ceramic against ingress of cooling fluids that may alter the refractive index, introduce impurities and reduce reflectance and efficiencies. Glazes can also act as filters and our glazed reflectors have been used successfully in certain applications.

Physical Properties                                                      Round type Glazed Ceramic Cavity Reflector
• Color: White
• Bulk density (fired), Mg/m3: 3.1
• Porosity (apparent), % nominal: 22
• Flexural strength (ASTM C1161, 3-point), MPa: 170
• Thermal expansion coefficient
200-500C, 10-6/C 7.9
200-1000C, 10-6/C 9.0

Prime Features                                                                     
• Surfaces can be sealed and coated with a
solarization-resistantglaze to give high bulk reflectivity
• 97.8% reflectance efficiency at 1000nm
• Reflectance efficiency exceeds 96% across the
wavelength range 500-2000nm (see curve) • Controlled porosity
• Good thermal conductivity
• High electrical resistivity

Typical Applications
• Pumping chambers for flash lamp and continuous wave lasers using media such as Nd:
YAG lasers, Alexendrite — low to high power, single or multiple lamp designs used for
welding, cutting, marking and in medical lasers.
• Layered and segmented pumping chambers for diode pumped lasers.
• Intense Pulse Light (IPL) applications for cosmetic surgery.

Typical Models Explain
• BAB – the external shape is round;                                                                             
• ZAB – the external shape is irregular;
• LAK – the external shape is rectangular but one side is concave;
• EAB – the external shape is rectangular;
• GAZ – the external shape is triangular;
• Description of part number: CRDP-XX-YY-Z-AAA-BBB.

CRDP: ceramic reflector for diode-pumped solid-state laser.
XX: internal diameter of the reflector in mm.
YY: reflector length in mm.
Z: number of the diodes to be placed around the laser rod.
AAA: related to the cross section of the reflector such as TRI (triangle shape), CRL (round shape), PLT (plate shape).
BBB: variant for remarks.


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