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INNOVACERA® Ceramic Valveless Plunger Pump Assembly

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Innovacera alumina ceramic valveless pump is widely used for many famous brand filing machines.
We can make customized shapes and sizes of the ceramic filling pump according to the client’s design requests.

Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly Product Application:

  • Important parts of experimental equipment, analyzing equipment, and pharmaceutical equipment for the rationing of materials or successive transportation.
  • Widely applied to precision quantitative filling of industries such as medicine, pharmacy, food, chemistry, cosmetics, etc.
  • Used for precision quantitative filling of liquids such as blood, biological reagent, oral liquid, injection liquid, senior cosmetics, fragrances, fungicides, etc.
  • Used for precision quantitative filling of all kinds of acid and alkali corrosive liquid.

Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly Product Technical Data:

Model INV-05 INV-07 INV-10 INV-13
Diameter of Plunger 5mm 7mm 10mm 13mm
Materials Plunger, pump cavity set (alumina/zirconia)
Throughput/rev 0.17ml/rev 0.3ml/rev 0.7ml/rev 1.6ml/rev
Filling accuracy spinning speed +/-0.5-1%/0-600RPM +/-0.5%/0-500RPM
Placement angle throughput pressure 15°/0.6MPA 20°/0.6MPA
Maximum suction height 4m( the product data is measured with water as the medium)
Weight 0.8kg 1.3kg
Model INV-15 INV-22 INV-25 INV-36
Diameter of Plunger 15mm 21.5mm 25mm 36mm
Materials Plunger, pump cavity set (alumina/zirconia)
Throughput/rev 2.9ml/rev 6ml/rev 12ml/rev 26ml/rev
Filling accuracy spinning speed +/-0.5%/0-300RPM +/-0.5%/0-200RPM +/-0.5%/0-150RPM +/-0.5%/0-120RPM
Placement angle throughput pressure 20°/0.5MPA 20°/0.4MPA
Maximum suction height 4m( the product data is measured with water as the medium
Weight 3.5kg 3.8kg 7.4kg 7.9kg

INV-05 High precision valveless ceramic pump

1. Overview
Ceramic pump performance characteristics:
(1). Extremely inert chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance.
(2).super hard, wear-resistant, particle release is very small, long service life.
(3).the material is dense, the water absorption rate is lower than zero; the surface finish is
extremely high, the friction is extremely small; the material residue is extremely small.
(4).the coefficient of thermal expansion is very small, the piston fits better, the filling machine has
higher precision, and can be cleaned and sterilized online.
Application areas:
(1). Research institutes, laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, cosmetics,
(2).widely used in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetics industry,
precision quantitative filling.
(3).for the precise quantitative filling of blood, biological reagents, oral liquid, injection,
high-grade cosmetics, essence, fungicide, and other liquids.
(4). Precision quantitative filling for various acid-alkaline corrosive liquids.
Filling range and advantages:
(1). According to different filling ranges, a variety of pump head specifications are available.
(2).reasonable structure layout, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, more convenient and
convenient in maintenance and maintenance;
(3). All the contact materials of this machine are made of SS316L and high-purity ceramics, which
have good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

2. The amount of filling debugging
For each filling material, the filling amount needs to be adjusted. The specific operation is as
(1). first, discharge the air to ensure that the inlet is filled with the material to be filled;
(2). Prepare the measuring cup, and the electronic balance scale, and check whether the measuring
cup and the electronic balance scale are accurate;
(3). If the angle is adjusted and the angle does not change, the filling amount will not change, and
the user may not need to re-measure.
3. The use of parameters

Model INV-05
Material Plunger / Pump Cavity (Alumina 99.7%) + Pump Jacket (Stainless Steel
Singlerotationplungeramount 0.01–0.14ml/rev
Speed (depending on the
filling liquid viscosity)
0.01ml, the speed is 500-600 rpm, 0.14ml, the speed is 200-300rpm
Filling accuracy ±0.5%
Drive mode Electric (stepper motor)
Net amount 0.8kg

4. Safety instructions
(1). The ceramic pump can use hot water, soapy water, alcohol, or other cleaning liquid to clean
the internal remnants several times through the reciprocating work of the machine until no
residue of the material comes out, then rinse with clean water. Or disassemble it for disinfection.
(2). When cleaning the internal parts, do not touch the surface of the parts with sharp tools.
After cleaning, wait until the parts are dry before installing.
(3). Check if the sealing ring of each part is damaged, if any, replace the new sealing ring;
(4). Check if the screws in each part are loose, if any, re-lock.
(5). Do not flush the motor with cleaning fluid to prevent damage to the components.
(6). Try to avoid being in a state of no material for a long time when using it.
(7). It is strictly forbidden to enter hard parts or particles other than materials into the pump head
(8). For perfusion of volatile liquids, please use them in a circulating air environment.
(9). When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden that any part of the body or other items
is close to the moving parts of the machine. The factory is not responsible for the mechanical
damage and personal injury caused by the machine.
(10). The equipment must be disconnected from the power supply when replacing components.
(11). It is strictly forbidden to use organic flux to clean the machine, such as gasoline, benzene,
xylene, banana water, sodium hypochlorite, etc.
(12). When the machine is shut down, turn off the power switch, unplug the power cord, and clean
up the miscellaneous items.

(13). If there is a fault or emergency during the operation of the machine, please turn off the power
and wait until the fault is removed before starting the machine.

About the shipping cost: If the Buyer bears the shipping cost and will send it with freight collected.


Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly
Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly
Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly
Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly
Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly
Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump Assembly


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