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INNOVACERA® Three-pieces small doses ceramic rotary valve piston metering pump

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Similar Series Products Min Filling Volume: 0.2ml

Similar Series Products Max Filling Volume: 50ml

Filling accuracy : <=0.5%

Package way: plastic box with soft sponge and then put in paper carton



Package box size:

Innovacera ceramic metering pump is widely used for many famous brand filing machine.

We can make customized shape and size of ceramic filling pump according to clients design request.

Product size for reference:

Three-pieces small doses ceramic rotary valve piston metering pump

High Precision Filling Three Piece Ceramic Piston Metering Pump used in filling machine photos:

Product Application:

  • Applicable in quantitative subpackage with high level of hygienerequirement like injection oral liquid etc.
  • Widely applied to pharmaceutical equipments of famous enterprises BOSCH, B+S, IMA, GROENINGER, INOVA company and Trucking Technology, Miaxis, Qianshan etc.


  • Liquid non-polluting, High precision
  • Long service life, Very high surface finish
  • High hardness, Wear resistant
  • Particle release is extremely small
  • Water absorption as low as zero
  • Minimal friction, Minimal residual
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Inert Chemical stability, Acid corrosion resistance
  • Resistant to high temperature, Piston clearance fit more
  • Filling accuracy can be achieved online cleaning and sterilization


Ceramic Metering Pump Different Material Properties:

ZRO2 ZTA 99% AL2O3
DENSIGY O (20ºC) g/cm3 5.9~6.1 4.18 3.87
Flexural Strength (20ºC) Mpa 1150 550 450
Compressive Strength (20ºC) Mpa 4500 4200 3800
Fracture Toughness KiC(Mpa.m1/2) 9 6 6
Coefficient of Thermal (200~500)ºC 1/ºC 10.0×10-6 6.9×10-6 6.9×10-6
Thermal Shock Resistance (20~800)ºC Water ≥7Circles ≥6Circles ≥5Circles
Chemical Stability 10% HCL mg/cm2 5.5 5.3 5.3
1:9 NaOH mg/cm2 0.16 0.14 0.12


Different Material Pump Compare:

Properties / Pump Type Chromium Pumps Glass Pumps Ceramic Pumps
Hardness (Vickers) 5-7 8-10 ≥13
Porosity 1.5 5 0
Supereme Suitable Temperature 300ºC 250ºC 1000ºC
Acid resistance Acid nonresistance acidproof acidproof
Alkali resistance Alkaliproof Alkal nonresistance Alkaliproof
Roughness of Surface ≥1.0μm ≥2.5μm ≤0.2μm
Lifespan (Ten thousand times) ≈300 ≈50 ≥1000
Particle release More Most Few


1 review for INNOVACERA® Three-pieces small doses ceramic rotary valve piston metering pump

  1. John

    We do not have the plan to buy more ceramic pumps now when we are focusing on the testing of our system. If we need more pumps we definitely will tell you. We are quite satisfied with pumps from you.

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